HooPo is an IoT localization system independent of GPS or cellular providers.


Produvia develops a connected devices cloud service for IOT developers that allows discovery and control of smart devices


Coyotta enables the first smart playground platform, encouraging social, educational and medical activities through physical interaction.


BrighTap develops a SmartH2O IOT water meter device that can be attached to any water tap or pipe which increase water consumption awareness.


Tempdrop is a wearable device and data analysis system that pinpoints ovulation to accurately detect a woman's "fertile window."


Rentse is a trusted community marketplace for businesses and individuals to list, discover, and book flexible and affordable working places.


Pzartech is unleashing the 3D printing revolution through an easy, local and affordable one-stop-shop platform.


Scholargeek.org is the world’s first and only global online Match engine for universities and scholarships.


Jammable is a platform for professional musicians to play music with their fans.  


Zipler is revolutionising consumer products search.