How could i know if the vertical engine program is THE right FIT for me?

You should go over our Application Checklist for this upcoming cycle and see if you'd be a right fit for the program. Other than that you should talk to our Alumni portfolio companies about their experience or reach out to us directly. 

How does the Program work?

The Vertical Engine Program takes teams at the stage of a prototype/MVP with a goal set to turn them into sustainable, growing companies.  We accept 5 promising teams into the program after finalizing our application process.

The 5 teams accepted into the program will work closely with the Vertical Engine team and our vast network of experts to refine their products over the course of 12 weeks while validating their business models and tapping into their markets. 

Where Is vertical engine stationed?

Our office space is located in the heart of Israel, just by Tel Aviv University, Klatskin 25 st.  

What can Vertical Engine offer me as a start-up?

We will help you understand how to get your company off the ground and increase its chances of success, providing you with the following:

  • Access to corporate partners in your field (Bezeq, Hisense) to assist you with aspects related to your product and market.
  • Access to Tel-Aviv University leading minds, faculty & resources. 
  • Help you refine your business model, product and strategy all the way through.
  • Connections to top mentors, potential investors, strategic partners, advisers and founders in your field of focus, all who have experience in building successful companies. 
  • Office space
  • 200$K worth of services (legal, finance, web hosting & more).
  • We will be there to support you every step of the way.  Your success is our own. 

Who's there to support me?

Our dedicated team on the ground would be available for you whenever you need them. Additionally, we have our Corporate Partners, Mentors & Alumni Network, TAU Faculty Experts & the entire StarTau network & resources at your disposal.

How much equity do you ask for?

None.  0.  Nada. 

what's the catch?

We are a non-profit organization, bringing together game changing entrepreneurs together with academia and industry leaders to source new technologies and innovative companies. 

How do I apply for the program?

The application for the program is available here.  Completing our online application will sign your company up to be considered for the program, but does not guarantee acceptance.

When is the application deadline?

We are currently accepting applications for the #IoT Vertical of  Fall 2015.  Deadline is September 27th!! 

The program will begin mid October in 2015.

I already have funding, can I still apply?

Absolutely, it happens all the time. In your application, please specify the nature of your previous funding.

I'm ALREADY part of an acceleration program, CAN I STILL APPLY?

We have no problem with you being part in another Accelerator/Program. However, this is subject to you being completely dedicated to the program and participate in our curriculum and agenda.

In your application, please specify the program you are part of.

How do you choose which companies are accepted into the program?

Our steering committee will choose great founders with innovative ventures who solve real problems and create a meaningful change.  Your team is probably the most important thing to us.

What happens at the end of the program?

You will be joining the Vertical Engine growing Alumni community of founders and mentors.  We will keep supporting you as you grow and help you tackle any challenges that may pop up along the way - Remember, your success is our success.

How much access will i get to the mentors?

Well that's mostly up to you.  Every company will have the opportunity to work with several mentors on a weekly basis.  We highly encourage this and believe true connections are best built organically with both sides committed to the process. 

What's expected of me during the Vertical Engine program?

The only obligation is to be physically present and participate in all the sessions offered by the program.  You will also be expected to work in our office space at least two days a week (same days as program sessions).

We expect you to put in all you've got, work hard and come out after 12 weeks with something amazing to show for.